Julius C

Artist bio

Jay (lead vox /guitar) and Mike (bass) met at NYU in 2003. They started playing together that fall, and soon, Mike brought in his childhood friend Jason to play keyboards. They spent the next 3 years developing a very heavy 70s funk/rock sound, evolved into a 10 piece band, burned through 4 drummers and found themselves in the fall of 2007 feeling empty, lost, and disconnected from the music they were playing.

Together with their new permanent drummer, John, they decided to move into a cheap house with a broken jacuzzi in Newark,NJ and write an album. Mike and Jay had just experienced massive breakups that brought them both into incredibly creative periods of their lives. By the end of that year, Jay and Mike had both written enough material to fill their own albums. One day on a camping trip in the woods of rural Pennsylvania, after contemplating going their separate ways, they agreed to give it another try, take the best of each of their songs and join together as a band to create an album that expressed their personal journeys of self discovery after their heartbreak.

They moved into a new house in Jason and Mikes hometown of Staten Island, and for the next 6 months, the band obsessed in the house, writing, arranging, and producing the album. The combination of Jays songwriting skills, Mikes production ingenuity, Jasons understanding of arrangement, and Johns raw rock and roll spirit resulted in a powerful story of love, loss, and self discovery, moving through rock, soul, dance, psychedelia and indie-rock, finding moments to be both musically introspective and explosively raw. They now stand unsigned, united, and determined, ready to share their story and their music with the world.

Source: Artist Facebook Page