Artist bio

After cutting his teeth recording a critically-acclaimed album with Chrissie Hynde and fronting UK band Grace, JP Jones has made his debut solo album. As Son of Jack, Cariad (Welsh for 'love or 'darling) flouts traditional indie-pop and folk-rock arrangements as he writes a love-letter home to Wales on the eve of his homecoming.

Written and recorded in a dark New York studio far from the shores of its inspiration, Cariad is a lushly orchestrated album graced with Jones gravelled, scratchy tenor and sweet falsetto and veteran producer Victor Van Vugts haunting production. 'Home is heart-grippingly uplifting; 'Mice and Spiders is sombre and mesmerising, staying with you long after the music ends. His mature, sophisticated lyrics amplify every corner of each track, and remain true to an ever-present lament, longingly recalling his distant home and the recent loss of his father Jack Jones.

The contemplative nature of Cariad is present in all of Jones artistic endevours; a noted artist, Jones creates 'sound portraits by capturing spoken words and music using laser-projected reverberations, renowned for their originality and novel approach to the visual nature of sound.

Track collaborations with Chrissie Hynde and Sam Swallow contribute to Jones powerful sense of immediacy and almost apologetic poeticism and control. In composing a poem home to his Welsh shores, Jones has given his audience an unforgettable album.