Jonas Martin

Artist bio

Jonas Martin has fought all his life to find something unique in himself. It was in this search that he found a sarcastic songwriter. Not a hugely unique one but a writer that is always looking and striving to be and say something more. To capture the essence of the people and places he encounters in the time and world that he lives and to share his own perception in a satirical style. One day, hell look in the mirror and say, there you are, but until then, hell continue to write songs.

After linking up with indie rockers Goodnight Ned he became a prominent member of the Dallas music scene, collaborating with a multitude of artists, as well as sharing the stage with everyone from Leon Russell to Cake to Polyphonic Spree. Goodnight Ned has earned awards all over the DFW area including Best Album and Best Rock Act by the Dallas Observer.

In that time hes also stepped into his own as a solo artist. On his first solo endeavor, Chokecherry Jam, Martin gave listeners a direct line into a heartfelt, if often times wry, way of thinking. For his newest release, The Color Scheme, Jonas keeps his trademark wit intact, but also digs even deeper into his personal world by dedicating the record to one of his biggest influences, his late father. Songs about love, loss and Martins political and social beliefs, reflecting his changed emotional outlook on life after the loss of his father.