Johnnie Mikel

Artist bio

Age aint nothing but a number. This rings true in the case of Johnnie Mikel. Hes an accomplished songwriter, singer and musician who just finished recording new songs for his upcoming release, all before his 21st birthday. While most of us were figuring out our lives in our late teens, Johnnie was playing guitar, piano, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and mastering ProTools to make some of the most fun and exciting music around today: grandiose pop with hints of R&B and a touch of soul. Its what music should be.

I'm so excited about, Come With Me, he says of his lead single. I've spent a lot of quality time defining my sound and exactly what I want to say, he continues. The new music showcases who he is an artist and its the world's first glimpse of what hes about. The new songs are very personal to me and Im so blessed to have crafted the album with phenomenal songwriters and producers.

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