Joachim Garraud

Artist bio

In the beginning there was Jack, and Jack had a groove, and from this groove of all grooves came Joachim Garraud.

The commander in chief of the electronic spaceship, with a huge community of true fans called Space Invaders , started as a DJ in 1989 mixing for the first electronic radio show in France called Maxximum, and played at the club Boy with another well-known French producer,
Laurent Garnier.

Garraud's interplanetary hits over the years have been heard by millions, beginning with his first global masterpiece, "Love Don't Let Me Go."

Joachim is not your average DJ. Hes ultimately a showman playing his keytar under the spotlights -- making the crowds dance happily behind their Space Invaders masks.

When you go to a show of Joachim Garraud's, you can see how close he is to his fans, and how much they enjoy that humble proximity.

Just listen to his brand new single Maximus feat. A Girl and a Gun, released on his newly-launched, Los Angeles-based label, Space Invader Music, and youll understand why Joachim gets his fans dancing in prestigious clubs around the world.

His unparalleled INVASION Show, which features cutting edge live audio and visuals triggered by Joachim, is truly a spectacle unmatched by any of Garraud's contemporaries, and beginning in 2013, the state-of-the-art show has added 3D visuals to the already stunning performance. With a European debut in Paris and a North American debut in Los Angeles, Invasion 3D has brought a completely new definition to the term, DJ set.

Speaking of the bridge between music and electronics, Joachim has been at the forefront of unifying his two real passions for years, which is surely why Pioneer has a strong, trusted collaboration with him to create their DJ tools with his expertise.
Those same passions led him to create his company Zemixx, which brings services like LED screens and applications like Frequent Clubber for the clubs who would like to implement a higher prestige for their patrons.

Zemixx also produces videos for DJs to use in their live performances, one of whom needs no introduction: Mr. Steve Aoki.

Zemixx is also the name of Garraud's monthly podcast where Joachim brings attention to demos, bootlegs, classics, House/Techno/Electro news and all that will be heard on planet earth the following months. Since its creation, Zemixx is still the number one podcast in France, and its rapidly growing internationally with one thousand subscribers per week !

As a producer and remixer, the list with whom Joachim Garraud has worked with is, needless to say, impressive.

Joachim has produced, co-produced or remixed top talent such as Kylie Minogue, Gorillaz, Cold Play, David Bowie, Jean Michel Jarre, Perry Farrel, Bob Sinclar, Deep Dish, Antoine Clamaran, Moby, Depeche Mode, Robbie Rivera, Cerrone, Cassius, David Guetta, Juliet, OMD, Paul Jhonson, Mutton Heads, Saffron Hill, and many more

A classically-trained musician, Garraud brings a palpable professionalism and musicianship to the field of DJing -- using his exceeding knowledge of music and technology in ways that others in the dance music space just can not and will not do. Constantly evolving and progressing, Joachim Garraud will continue to press on with his Space Invaders into the future of Dance Music!