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Christian Berishaj, better known by his stage name JMSN (pronounced Jameson), is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, music engineer, and mixer from Detroit, Michigan. His debut album, Priscilla was released in 2012. He wrote and produced the album by himself and also directed the videos accompanying the release.

Berishaj was raised in Eastpointe, Michigan by his mother, Crystal Lutz and his first stepfather. Lutz and Berishaj later left him because he would physically abuse her. They had to rely on welfare to get by. His biological father, Nick Berishaj is a successful real estate mogul of Albanian descent. Nick bought Christian a guitar when he was in the fourth grade. Christian started working on Pro Tools at the age of twelve. He began writing songs which he recorded on equipment bought by his father, who had reconnected with Christian and was funding him for such purchases.

He also learned how to play other instruments and began holding neighborhood garage performances with a band, Snowhite, he formed with three other members. He attended South Lake High School in St. Clair Shores.
Eventually, he began mailing demos and performance videos to record labels, having his mother cold call A&R representatives. By eighteen, Berishaj had written and recorded a whole album, Love Arcade, on which he plays all the instruments. He secured a recording contract with Atlantic Records, after turning down an offer from Sony Records, along with his band in 2005. His demos had impressed David Wimmer and Leslie Dweck of Atlantic, who were taken by Berishaj's drive and ambition. Love Arcade was released in 2006 with the band credited as Love Arcade, the other members served as the touring band only, not performing on the record. He was known as Snowhite while in the group. After three years together, the band broke up.

Berishaj then left Detroit for Los Angeles. He began working on his solo debut with Luke Walker of The Summer Obsession. His song, "1, 2, 3, Turn Around" was featured in the 2009 film, Fired Up. He used the money earned from the licensing to fund a music video for the song "When She Turns 18", which resulted in him signing to Universal Motown Records as Christian TV in January 2010. On July 29, 2010 Christian TV made his network television debut, performing "When She Turns 18" live on So You Think You Can Dance. In October, Berishaj released his first mixtape entitled "Who The F*ck Is Christian TV" for free. During this time he also went on tour supporting Pete Wentz and his new band Black Cards in the UK. Berishaj began working on his debut album, Diary of an 80's Baby with production by Kevin Rudolf, No I.D., co-production with Luke Walker and Berishaj himself. He also co-wrote a song for Japanese pop singer, Hitomi's album Spirit. Universal Motown was later shut down and he did not appear on the rosters of the resulting Universal Republic Records or Motown Records. In 2013 his North American tour took him to over 20 different cities where he both headlined and opened for different acts.

After leaving his label, Berishaj started his own White Room Records and adopted the moniker, JMSN. He released his debut album, Priscilla in early 2012. The album was written and produced by Berishaj himself and is of the R&B genre as opposed to pop-rock and electropop of his previous projects. He also pursues darker emotional themes in lyrics over melancholic melodies and beats that The Guardian described as "spaced out" and compared to fellow R&B artist The Weeknd. Self-directed videos for "Alone", "Hotel" and "Something" were released to accompany the album's release, while a video for "Girl I Used to Know" was released under his previous stage name. In April, R&B singer Usher told music magazine NME that JMSN was his "favorite new act".

Source: Wikipedia