Jimi Nu

Artist bio

Sometimes an artist comes along who is genuinely unique. And Jimi Nu is definitely one of them. The Huntsville, Alabama-born, Tallahassee, Florida-based hip hop artist doesnt take the road less travelhe paves his own.

Raised by his mother, Andrea Paige, from the get go he has been a standout. Since the age 14, the now 23-year-old has reigned as Freestyle King of Tallahassee. Hes been rapping since he was 10 years old. And growing up he had two big dreamsto become the greatest rapper of all time and an NBA star. His style has been compared to some of the greatsLil Wayne, 50 cent, Biggie, and Young Jeezy. And it is from them he learned to rap. I just listened to the greats, says Nu on how he honed his own style. My voice is my instrument. And my style is who I am.

As he is readying for his 14-track debut album, he wants to use each song to get his mission across. I want to make real music, something the common mind can relate yet be very diverse too, he explains. He has a variety of tracks on the CD thus far. Theres Electric Raindrops, which is bout my current standpoint--how I knew I wouldnt be down forever, that a bright day was coming. I Wanna Check is just what it saysand its a real grimy Southern track. She the Greatest is about a girl is down for the ride with her dude no matter whata ride-or-die girl, reveals Nu. One of his favorite tracks is the self-explanatory Haters. Producers include Squatbeats, JayBbrown, Beatfanatix, Aredus, Stanley, and Buckwild.

Like many artists who make a mark, Nu is inspired by this surroundings and people in his life. My life, my mother, struggling people and people who have overcamethis is what inspires my music, he says.

Nu is prepared for what life unfolds for him. There are two mantras he lives by. First: Pray to GOD, claim what you prayed for and thank Him for it. Second, Dreams can come true and its okay to dare to be different.

Some artists are born. Some artists are made. Then, other artists like Jimi Nu shatter the mold.

Source: Artist Site