Jasmine Ash

Artist bio

Jasmine Ash is a singer/songwriter residing in Los Angeles, California. A transplant of Portland, Oregon, Jasmine is an avid hiker, yoga practitioner and animal lover. Her effortless charm, gossamer vocals and stellar songwriting skills have been winning over local audiences and inducing smiles all over the world. The honesty of Jasmines lyrics combined with her often quirky pop melodies have helped her to formulate an infectious sound that is uniquely her own.

A serendipitous meeting at a Los Angeles vegan restaurant between Jasmine and her current collaborator/producer, Jacques Brautbar, resulted in a fast friendship. Their musical chemistry was solidified with Starlight, their first collaboration. The rough production and unfinished lyrics of Starlight caught immediate attention from her current management, Black Unicorn Music, and Sync Agency.

Jacques brought in long time friend and fellow Phantom Planet band mate Sam Farrar (Maroon 5, Sara Bareilles) to finish production on the song, garnering the groups first TV placement on USA Networks Royal Pains.

"Working with Jasmine is always an effortless experience. I hesitate even using the word 'work' it is more like, play, really. I know we are going to have a really fun time, and have an awesome song at the end of the day. In Jasmine Ash, I have found a creative partner for life. Jacques Brautbar

The whimsical, enchanting love song, Starlight is currently being used in Ferrero Rochers 2012 and 2013 TV campaign airing in the UK, US and Ireland. Her full-length record Beneath The Noise (produced and co-written by Jacques Brautbar and Sam Farrar) came out on Valentines Day 2012. The record also features songs like the retro, Motown influenced Killer (as heard on 90210 and Apple's 2011 tutorial for iPad 2), the seductive, drum driven Cut Up (as heard on The Good Wife) and the alluring Not All That I Am, which closes out the album.

On Nov 7th, 2011, Jasmine digitally released a '7inch that features Starlight and the ethereal Lulls, recently featured in a Nissan TV campaign. A fan comments, 'Lulls is a dreamlike song that can relate to any person who has ever lost something they had no control over. It is truly an inspirational piece of art. According to Jasmine, My new album reflects the events in my life, whether positive, negative or inspirational, that I hope my listeners are able to relate to as well. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world because I get to write and play music. Sometimes I have to pinch myself! It's been so wonderful to get to know my fans and its a very humbling feeling to know I have such faithful ones.

Jasmine also wears the hat of front woman and songwriter for the indie/rock band Oh Darling. Oh Darlings music can be heard on numerous TV shows, in Films and ad campaigns, such as Disneys PROM, KIA, Bloomingdales, Drop Dead Diva and many more. The band was also selected to be part of Evians Live Young campaign in 2011, supporting promotional efforts for the world's #1 brand of premium natural spring water throughout the L.A. area.

On top of her work with Oh Darling and her solo projects, Jasmine is constantly creating and developing various projects, most recently co-writing with UKs Ed Sheeran, American Idol Winner Kris Allen, Disney sensations R5, and Australian Singer/Songwriter Ben Lee.

I'm extremely fortunate to also be able to work with such talented people on a daily basis, including the wonderful members of my band in Oh Darling and Jacques Brautbar and Sam Farrar who produced and co-wrote my record. This life is like a dream every day, because I am fortuitous enough to be able to do what I love. I've learned so much about my strengths and weaknesses over the past few years and every day just keeps getting better as I learn something new. - Jasmine Ash

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