Jake London

Artist bio

Raised in a small town outside of Portland, Oregon, London found himself in Los Angeles with a borrowed Fender guitar that was seeing no use. Within months of his California transplant, Jake got the devastating news that his 30 year-old brother had died of a heart attack. Turning to the ocean for solace, London took to surfing.Those long hours in the water helped develop Jake's strong Live for Today mantra that initially brought him the need to do and try everything.

With a new outlook on life, Jake picked up the borrowed, beat up guitar and fell in love. It didn't take long for him to find that writing and performing was what he was called to do. Fast forward to Jake's leading single, Somewhere Down the Road, a rare optimistic road-song that could have just as easily been recorded in a West Coast beach town as it could've in Nashville or Austin, and you'll get a taste of what sand, highway, and pedal steel feel like together.

As for the rest of Runaway Heart, it's easy to hear Jake's raw emotion melding with influences like Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, creating something eerily familiar that one can't quite put a finger on.