Jacob Faurholt

Artist bio

In January 2010 Faurholt moved from his Danish hometown Aarhus to Berlin, where he is making music and working as an extra on German soap operas, crime TV-shows and films. Most of the songs on Dark Hours were written in Faurholts living room during the extremely cold winter in 2010. It was also there he made the basic recordings for the album. After that Faurholt asked musicians and friends if they wanted to help out and guest the album. A lot of the work on the album was made by sending files back and forth, and Dark Hours ended up being recorded such different places as Berlin, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, and somewhere in the US. Among the musical guests is Nona Marie Invie from the American band Dark Dark Dark, Sley from the Icelandic band Seabear, and Kaspar from the Danish alt. country act Cody. Finally Faurholt sent all the tracks to experimental musician Marc Kellaway, who got creative freedom to make further recordings, and thereafter mix the album. Kellaway and Faurholt have also worked together on Queen of Hope, the debut album from Jacob Faurholt & Sweetie Pie Wilbur (2005). Dark Hours was in the end mastered by John Golden (Mount Eerie, Red House Painters, Sonic Youth.