Iroquois Falls

Artist bio

With the sudden death of her roommate and best friend, Iroquois Falls (aka Priya Thomas) lost her bearings. The cosmos had put a curve in her road; it had thrown her out of orbit. To make sense of that split second that changes your life, the Toronto-based musician spent her days illustrating it from the seclusion of her 1/2 inch home studio. There must be more going on than we know, she assumed. And so, true to the events that inspired the work, she built elemental songs, mercurial, subtle and jarring.

Having long recorded and performed under her own name, this new project she titled after the cold and ghostly northern Canadian town where her friend had been born: Iroquois Falls. The song structures are off the map, fractured to reproduce her experience of disorientation. The orchestrations are eerie in their experimental arrangements, exploring the use of kitchen instruments like coffee grinders and brown bags alongside insistent drums, droning organs, and galactic spinal noise.

Thematically Iroquois Falls builds the story of an eternal spring and its blazing sun in which gods and mortals turn dangerously, obsessively nostalgic. Unsung heroes and mythic characters sing their stories through Iroquois Falls retelling of the Annie Oakley story, the American sharp-shooter who bewitched Buffalo Bills Wild West. Annie (of Hey Annie, Twice-Born-Once-From-A Gun) is a creature of bad habit who hears wolves sleeps in a silo and comes packing heat.

Thomas creative outpouring produced a vast pool of recorded material from which two-songs were culled for Iroquois Falls Twice-Born-Once-From-A-Gun EP. Eccentric and beautiful, it is Thomas and all her multiple selves the classically trained musician, the dancer, the writer, the lover, the 11-year-old writing songs from her journal entries, and the long lost friend flying headlong into white noise. Theres an important space for the bizarre, she says, explaining this new path. Theres space for people to get a little bit crazythats good.