International Special

Artist bio

Part man, part myth, all legendthe name International Special has been spoken among those only of the highest caliber spanning from the block to the boardroom. For over a decade the mysterious mogul known only as Special or Special Ent. , has worked behind the scenes, negotiating deals, and rubbing elbows with the urban music elite who hold his name with the esteem of black nobility. His image has been featured in magazines and celebrity blogs alongside entertainment heavy weights like Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, The Game, Young Jeezy, French Montana, DJ Khaled, Young Thug and many others. Specials reach and Rolodex is a virtual synonym of his very name, special! For many its still hard to pin point exactly what or how Special does what he does, however what everyone can be certain of is Specials ability to stay at the top of the food chain. In his own words loyalty is everything and to Special you are either family or foodno exceptions.
After being loved and perhaps even envied by so many in the rap game and personally taking part in helping to orchestrate the success of many of todays platinum artists and chart toppers, it was a natural progression for Special himself to finally pick up the microphone and show the world just how special he truly is. His first release is the melodic and infectious hit single Foreign which is a musical mantra to the way Special has lived his lavishly yet very real lifestyle. From his fleet of luxury cars to his designer clothes, everything about Specials everyday life is nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you heard it first on HOT 97s DJ Funk Flex show, Sirius XMs DJ Kay Slay, or on the Breakfast Club with DJ Envy, the immediate response of Foreign has been proof positive that Special was a sure bet that will guarantee a multiplatinum double up.
In an industry crammed with new age weirdoes and actors, when it comes to authenticity, Special is positioned to be the new rap music champion. Hes the first to tell you that there is nothing fake or phony about his lifestyle. Special is a bona fide veteran of the streets with an army of ready and willing soldiers. Special feels that his life is a testament to all those who want more and are willing to put in the grind to go get it. His mission is to motivate the motivated and give vision to the visionaries. With a major deal, high power collaborators, and rolling out hits like Foreign, its pretty safe to say that we are all in for something very special. Stay tuned