Inky Jack

Artist bio

Inky Jack, a four-man madhouse of influences ranging from electro-pop, reggae and punk, released their debut album, Inky Jack, in March 2012. Though they were offered a distribution deal from a major company, the band stuck with their street ethic and opted to release this first album independently. The band landed a monthly residency at Williamsburg, Brooklyns Trash Bar (named best punk bar in New York City in 2011 by the Village Voice), and recently played BK Indie Fest, CMJ, and SxSW. Inky Jack is now ready to support their release with a live show that impels crowds to move, try to pull on (if theyre not wearing them already) exceptionally tight pants or preferably, to pull them off altogether.

The founding members found themselves while working deep in the urban/pop machine with the likes of Cash Money, and Diplomats before coming to consciousness and delving back into their indie roots with newly-minted pop sensibilities. They have coined the term synthy-soul-rock to describe their records as well as their live shows, which consist of a system of drum machines and synthesizers in addition to the classic components of rock band. The vocalist belts and croons in a creamy rasp worthy of the nicotine-addicted, illegitimate Caribbean son of Luther Vandross and Macy Gray (which, sadly, he isnt).

Inky Jack is resonating with people through music that is fun loving, energetic, varied and honest, as indicated by their growing fan base.

They have been compared to TV on the Radio, Passion Pit and Gnarls Barkley, among others.