Imaad Wasif

Artist bio

Performance is the gateway to the ecstatic state, the possession of spirit, inducing visions and experiences in the realm of the unknown. Imaad Wasif channels a raw energy that makes its way from his hands and throat straight into your skull. Raga rock folk psych punk blueshe draws from all of these influences yet he cannot be defined by any single category. Wasifs appeal is in his dark, brooding voice and hypnotic, eerie, smoldering guitar playing. His music is deceptively simple which makes him one of the most gripping of contemporary performers. Though much of the imagery in his lyrics is mystical, his words reach farther than the traditions of poets and reveal the core emotions of a primitive man. Love is his sacred, fierce power and key to his expression. The theme of love in its many guises, both as redemption and call to arms, is one that Wasif returns to again and again in his songs. Its mythical quality becomes a springboard from which he explores the mysteries of life and the universe on his third album, The Voidist. Recorded with Two Part Beast, plus guests Dale Crover (Melvins) and Greg Burns (Red Sparowes), The Voidist was released by Tee Pee Records in October 2009.