Artist bio

Ida is a band from New York City. They play an idiosyncratic style of minimalist folk rock music that revolves around complex vocal harmonies and sparse (often acoustic) accompaniments. Although Ida has often been identified with labels like slowcore and quietcore, they have always played songs that could be described as kind of fast, mid tempo, kind of loud, and super loud. Led by songwriters Daniel Littleton, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Karla Schickele, Idas current lineup includes violinist Jean Cook (Jon Langford, Anti Social Music) and drummer Ruth Keating (Malarkies, Naysayer). Everyone in Ida sings and is a multi-instrumentalist. Since their start in the early nineties, Ida have released seven full length albums, several EPs and a handful of 7 singles with independent labels including Simple Machines, Dark Beloved Cloud, TigerStyle, and their current home, Polyvinyl Records.

Source: Artist Site