Humfree Bug Art

Artist bio

How can a band create an aural and visual, mind-altering and colorful experience that effortlessly tantalizes your senses and quite frankly; makes it impossible to stand still? Humfree Bug Art, emerging European pop group, has soulfully crafted graphics which infused with their mindful eclectic music manages to find a delicate balance between the two art forms. Holding the thread that keeps it all together, this Swedish sextet, sews their visions and sounds creating an overall experience that will launch you on a journey not to be forgotten. Although seemingly in its infant stages, as the band was hatched in 2012, Humfree Bug Art's collaborative sets brings a sophisticated yet fun alternative sound to today's pop genre. The band released their first EP Chairlene in October 2012 on their own music label, Esplanaden Fonogram. Later they released the single, With Nights and Lights and most recently they released a third EP Collema.