Artist bio

HolidayHoliday consists of Matt, Graham, and Lillian. They met one summer evening in 2008 at Piano's in the LES, when Matt impulsively asked Lillian if she could write and sing in French. Lillian lied and said yes, although she had gotten a C in her high school French class, (The C was mainly because she didn't care for conjugating out of the present tense). After recording a little ditty named "france" with the menfolk in the seors of marseille, the trio became creatively smitten with one another. Or at least this is how Lillian describes it. She may be wrong. (She is mostly right.)

Anyway, after some time the trio reunited over a little song called "Lu Rae" and more melody making was made. Shortly thereafter, they quickly landed the opportunity to record at Marcata Studios with Kevin McMahon (The Walkmen, Titus Andronicus) and began playing shows all over New York. To date, HolidayHoliday has played with these notable NY bands: Darlings, Teddy Blanks, Dinosaur Feathers, The London Souls, Im Turning Into, Soft Landing (members of Beirut), Fergus and Geronimo , North Highlands, The Shivers, Bemuda Bonnie and more. They will be releasing their newest record this fall.