Herman Dune

Artist bio

Herman Dne, also known as Herman Dune (without the ), is a cult obscure Rock & Roll band.
Known by a few, and appreciated by just about the same, they have been playing their songs for just about more than a decade now.
The line-up is pretty simple:
David Ivar sings and plays guitar
Cosmic Nman hits the drums
David Ivar and Cosmic Nman met in Science class when they were 11.
Cosmic was wearing a Pixies shirt, which was just about enough for Ivar to ask him to start a band with him.
At first, they focused on 23 min songs, the maximum length of an 8 Track Cassette Tape, but gradually bent their Rock & Roll towards more Radio Friendly format, until most of their songs were about 1.30 min long at the most.
They like mentioning their Love, Admiration and Respect for Bob Dylan and The Beatles and stated in one of their many Peel Sessions that their main influence was The Velvet Underground.
When they started in the 20th Century, they had no idea they would still be playing R&R together in the double digits of this Century, and they could not have guessed that you could sustain being songwriters and performers in R&R for that long without rising to fame. Satisfied troubadours now, they like to state that you can have your cake and eat it too.