Hello Echo

Artist bio

HEllo ecHO captures the reckless spirit of bands like Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, and the Pixies, while maintaining their own brand of melodic rock and roll.

Their debut release, Hello, received national attention, vaulted by their 1st single Coming Days. [Sean] Aylward s fleet-fingered guitar lines drive the songs which blend alternative rock, acoustic folk and loud in-your-face ' 60s fuzz. (RELIX On the Verge April 2011). Produced by Jeremy Black (Apollo Sunshine, Tea Leaf Green), Hello is a very solid debut by a band with plenty of talent (PITCHFORK- Feb. 2011).

After Sean Aylward (vocals, guitar) spent two years touring and recording with Apollo Sunshine, he headed to the West Coast and began writing and recording solo material. While on a surfing trip in Baja, Mexico, an impromptu jam arose with friends and fellow Bostonians, Mike Silva (drums, vocals) and Mike Sarno (bass). The chemistry was immediate, and Hello Echo was born. Maybe it s their East Coast roots, which combined with a youthful, laid back West Coast style, that makes for a well- rounded sound. (KEXP April 2011).

August 2012 marks the beginning of Hello Echos West Coast tour in support of their new EP, Coffee Cups (available 8/21/12).
-Bill W. Onka-

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