Artist bio

HalfNoise is an American alternative rock musical project by Zac Farro, formerly drummer of the band Paramore. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Farro formed the project alongside Jason Clark following Farro's departure from Paramore. The project now consists of Farro alone.

HalfNoise was created two days after Zac Farro's departure from Paramore, under the original name "Tunnel". Zac took part in this new project, along with Jason Clark, releasing a new song called "Hide Your Eyes". The duo then renamed themselves "HalfNoise" due to other bands being named "Tunnel" and on 14 June 2012 released "Free the House" their first official song and music video. Farro and Clark had earlier been together in a band with Taylor York and Zac's brother Josh Farro prior to Paramore.

In March 2011, it was announced that Farro would be joining his brother's band Novel American, but would still continue take part in HalfNoise.

Source: Wikipedia