Artist bio

Punk rock and basketball are the foundations of artist and songwriter Guidance's synth-infused sound which he has termed, Future Grunge. If weird comes to mind when envisioning this culture mash-up, thats ok with him, a self-described performance artist whos drawn to the weirdos of the world and inherently wants to speak to and empower them by bringing the odd duck freakshow to the mainstream. Like much performance art, what influences its making doesnt necessarily reveal itself in the final product. Thats definitely the case with the material Pruett has created.

A melding of fun and darkness is a theme thats weaved through Stefans life since he was a child who had to put an overly positive spin on a very negative life circumstance. Born with a congenital heart defect that required three open-heart surgeries and other procedures including a pacemaker, he grew up, ironically, in Carefree, AZ living a typical suburban childhood some would say was atypical of a child who had already been through so much, so young. "The heart condition is weirdly empowering,". Not to sound clich, but because of my condition and having a pacemaker, I felt like I was on the clock literally. I felt I had no other choice but to be positive, be fearless about living life and imbue that into my music. HIs initial passion wasnt music, but basketball, which he played and watched religiously through his teen years. Basketballs what actually got me into music, Guidance says. I used to watch a lot of highlight videosbig dunks, great playsset to music. If I wasnt able to play at a high level- I wanted to create the soundtrack to the game I loved. In the beginning, Guidances personal soundtrack was straight up punk rockDischord Records stuff and bands like Crass, Operation Ivy and Fugazi. It took a reformed punk friend to introduce him to the 80s New Wave sound that would change his life. At first he resisted, but when he finally listened to some artists his friend recommended, he was hooked. Im definitely inspired by bands like Bauhaus, Joy Division, New Order, Kraftwerk and Talking Heads".

That heavy 80's inspiration led to the synth-heavy sound of his own music, which in turn led to Pruett finding his natural baritone voice that only adds to his materials retro feel. While vintage synthswhich he collects--create the sonic landscape for the songs on his initial solo work, He still wanted the visceral feel of his punk origins to be present in his performance on record and on stage. For him, being that person doesnt mean abandoning the darkness, but using it to add to the fun. Dance, think, let go and feel with all your heartwhether its broken or not. More than anything, that's what Guidance has brought with his debut set of songs. And that's the message he sends to anyone who hears his music. Dance, think, let go and feel with all your heart.