Artist bio

In 2003, Benjamin Laub (Grieves) found himself alone and in a new city. Benjamin secluded himself in his Seattle apartment where the only furniture was his bed, a TV, and an MPC 2000XL. Benjamin spent most of his time creating beats and writing songs as he reached out to other artists in the Northwest music scene. As he honed his craft, Grieves found opportunities to perform in small clubs and venues, and began funding and booking his own tours. In 2007, Grieves released his first LP, Irreversible, which earned him his first taste of national recognition as a touring musician.

In 2008, Grieves partnered with Budo, an established local producer in Seattle to create what was going to be an online EP together. After a couple weeks in the studio, the project had developed into Grieves second full length release, 88 Keys and Counting. The two have since moved to Brooklyn, but spend most of their time in a van driving from city to city. Despite an unyielding tour schedule, the duo is constantly creating music, always pushing each other to go beyond genre lines to generate an extraordinary result.

While the music Grieves writes is often riddled with heartbreak, pain and brutal self-truths, hes not all gloom and doom. Grieves says that song writing is a process for him to deal with the problems and harmful events of his life, so most of what hits the paper is a way for him to recognize and cope with those feelings so that he doesnt have to shoulder that burden time and again in his day to day life. Consequently, Grieves live show is one of the most captivating and energetic performances in hip hop utilizing multiple instruments on stage and an excellent blend of high energy with skill and humor to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for the fans.

In November 2009, Grieves signed to the Minneapolis based label, Rhymesayers Entertainment, and has begun work on his next studio album.