Go Radio

Artist bio

A Go Radio record isnt so much meant to be listened to as its meant to be experienced. Go Radio have more in mind than just their ultra-catchy melodies. They craft songs that climb inside the listeners heart and mind, establishing deep roots through shared experience and expression.

The Tallahassee, Florida based quartet comprised of Lancaster, Matt Burns Poulos (bass), Steven Kopacz (drums) and Alex Reed (guitar) stands apart in their willingness to put it all on the line for their craft and each other. In an age where many groups do whatever is fashionable to become as popular as possible, Go Radio puts honesty and integrity first in front of any careerist concerns. The familial bond and true brotherhood within the group takes priority.

Go Radio began as one of the most hotly anticipated bands the melodic pop rock scene has spawned. On the strength of two incredibly well received EPs (Welcome to Life and Do Overs and Second Chances), Go Radios debut album, Lucky Street, cracked the Billboard Top 100 and was declared Album Of The Year by AMP Magazine. The highly-anticipated forthcoming album, Close the Distance is a sophomore-slump defying natural progression from Lucky Street, which established their ability to craft a catchy hook and create memorable connections with the crowd. Close The Distance is the sound of Go Radios internal brotherhood and collaborative spirit. Go Radio and their music represent a true family atmosphere, within the band and with their fans. With roadwork under their belts and creative ambition burning in their blood, the band reconvened and enlisted indie maven producer James Paul Wisner to make album number two. His experience refining the jagged edges while emphasizing the raw power of bands like Paramore, New Found Glory and Dashboard Confessional came in handy. Wisner mixed the album with Mark Endert, whos worked with Maroon 5, The Fray and other huge acts.

One listen to the piano-driven rock n roll ballad Go to Hell or the driving alt-rock barnburner I Wont Lie from the bands new album is ample assurance that Go Radio makes not only the kind of music that they themselves want to hear but the type of songs that connect with an audience.

The passion and thought Go Radio put into Close the Distance is palpable. And its the exact record the music scene needed. More than catchy one-liners, more than flashy gimmicks, Go Radio and their authentic approach is here to stay. 'Close The Distance' will release September 18th on Fearless Records.