Gigi Fouquet

Artist bio

Pop-rock musician Gigi Fouquet discovered her musical talent in her dorm room, where the self-taught guitarist would spend hours strumming the strings before relocating to NY from her hometown of Paris, France to pursue a career in music. Now considered a staple at indie-venues throughout Manhattans West Village, shes since celebrated such notable achievements as performing at the College Music Journal Festival and recording her EP with critically acclaimed guitarist GE Smith, of Saturday Night Live, Bob Dylan and Hall & Oates. Her singles Suddenly and Youre the Same as Me have gained increasing popularity on college radio airwaves across the country, and her music is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon. Inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Sting, the female vocalist and guitarist possesses a sultry swoon thats part Natalie Merchant, part Tom Petty, but results in a hybrid shes made all her own.