Artist bio

Gdansk is a rock band from the city of Hamilton, Ontario. It began as the musical articulation of Timothy Mann, a multi-instrumentalist, in the fall of 2011. The bands music has been an outpouring of creativity, and a labour of intention. It goes beyond the imaginative arrangements and purposeful lyrics: there also rests a weight of truth that reflects life in its wonder and question, joy and pain, hope and fear.

Sharing the stage with Mann are three talented musicians and close friends: Jamie Ball on guitar, Iain Kennedy on bass, and Tom Lang on drums. With influences as diverse as Arcade Fire, The Antlers, Prince, Johnny Cash, Wilco, Radiohead, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Brian Eno and Bjork, Gdansk makes music that aims to be distinctive and remembered.

We try to deal with things with as much honesty as possible. says Timothy Mann, singer and principal songwriter. What we experience, the views we espouse to; just how we see things. If the lyrics are heavy, then thats just us being honest and I hope people can relate. But through all that, I think we try to offer people as much hope as possible. We desire to make music that matters. Music that speaks to something way beyond itself. I think thats what good art does.

And that is what Gdansk strives for: to make art that matters, and offer a glimmer of hope to others through words and music. Gdansk released their self-titled debut EP in May 2012.