Fytch, Captain Crunch, and Carmen Forbes

Artist bio

It usually takes a little time for producers to get their heads around songs. But not Fytch. At just 16 hes come up with the kind of songs others havent got near after years in the game. Alongside Captain Crunch and incredible singer of the same age Carmen Forbes they have come together to produce one of best tracks this summer will hear Raindrops. Its a resounding, fluxion of orchestral pop snares, milky vocals and bass hysteria that is uplifting as its memorable. DC Breaks capture the charm of the original and incense it with skyrocketing whirring bass and swirling, buoyant beats that sound combined like a tropical thunderstorm at the peak of its powers. Flinch, makes it rain literally on the outset remix with a 16-bit bleating, sub level affair in the vein of Rusko whilst Dead Audio provide the bass-heavy mix which is most favoured by Borgore in his current festival sets.

And incredibly, singer Carmen Forbes is also 16 years old.