Francis Bowie

Artist bio

Francis Bowie is a phenomenon at the music and art scene in Denmark: A singer, song writer, painter, sculptor, designer, writer and gallery owner.

In Copenhagen 2007, he opened his first art gallery called GalArtery while also releasing the debut album Too Much with his indie art rock band A LOVE YOU.

Within the next two years, GalArtery became a place where young artists could and do their shows and performances.

After touring a lot with A LOVE YOU, Francis decides in 2010 to leave the band for a while to do solo projects. In the spring 2011 - along with two designers - he opened a second art gallery called MATT 18, which also shows fashion, clothing and design.

Francis Bowie proclaim himself as the founder of the new music genre called Intelligent Pop Music or IPM. He says that he is very astonished and disappointed by many pop musicians and producers currently because it seems like the only purpose of their music is to generate money.

Quality, art, message, love, feelings, justice, politics, poverty and power seem to be forgotten in the race for a stupid radio hit.

Francis Bowie does not think that pop music should deal with all these matters or be complex. But he does not think either that pop music shall be as ignorant as it is today. With his own words; IPM is an attempt to put some quality, dignity and honor into pop music