Fox Wilde

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Captivating funk/pop duo Fox Wilde, comprised of the talented Lerios brothers, Michael and Demitri, release their debut single today, the infectious upbeat Soap.

Fox Wildes single 'Soap will be released through Red Red Records and is distributed by BDG/RED (a division of Sony Music LLC). Streaming available at Spotify and Apple Music.

Downloads available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Soundcloud. The young duo, who have already compiled an extensive songwriting resume, working with musics top writers and producers (including Katy Perry producer Andreas Carlsson and Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez collaborator Justin Tranter, among others) offer some candid insight into their refreshing first track as Fox Wilde: 'Soap was just a working title when we went into the studio to write that day, it didnt take long before we realized it was a perfect concept for the riff and vibe we had. says Demitri. It was original and a little different than what we had been writing! Michael adds that the infectious spontaneity behind the song was something they wanted to preserve throughout. It happened so fast. We wrote it and recorded it the same night. It was a very natural process. We just ran with the concept and somehow we ended up with a pop/funk song that conveyed exactly what Fox Wilde is, high energy, sexy, and funky.

The Lerios brothers keen musical instincts are heightened by their knack for embracing rollicking live instrumentation. Both are talented musicians, with a deep respect for the authentic collaboration process and not just trying to finish a song as fast as we can, says Demitri. We enjoy the process of writing and crafting a song. Thats what makes it art.

Formed in 2015, Fox Wilde works out of their own home studio in Los Angeles, CA, refining their sound for an upcoming album that will also reflect their diverse musical influences, which includes a wide range of pop, dance, rock and even jazz heroes. The duo composed the music for the new film 48 Hours To Live released this year in major theaters across the U.S. and Europe, and have become in-demand contributors for episodic TV shows and commercials that have featured Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and others.

Their rapport as siblings and as proven collaborators strengthens their musical vision in the studio as well as on-stage, Were artists who thrive on producing, writing, and performing our own material, says Michael. You combine the common passion for creating with the bond of brothers and theres something magical about what you can create. Its music we believeThe Lerios Brothers production skills have also been noticed by several other well known artists. Theyve just recently put the final touches on two new songs they co-wrote and produced with social media star Rebecca Black (Friday) for her upcoming album and theyre currently writing and producing new material for James Maslow of Big Time Rush fame. Last year they scored a number one song Birthday in Japan that they co-wrote with Andreas Carlsson for the countries premier pop star, Nami Amuro! Michael and Demitri are both multi-instrumentalists and they move effortlessly from instrument to instrument as they wind their way through their intricate productions! As if writing and producing isnt enough, the brothers have also made their way into composing for TV, Film and Commercials. Their theme for the Netflix hit cartoon Mac and Moxy is a Lerios Brothers composition and theyve written music cues for episodic TV Shows as well as commercials featuring Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, Clean and Clear, Taylor Lautner, & Will Farells Funny or Die.

2017 promises to be the Year of The Fox and the boys are very excited to share their musical vision with the world! Their first single SOAP is set for release February 3rd through Red Red Records/Sony Entertainment. There is no doubt this music has been well worth the wait!