Artist bio

Fizzmatik, the alter-ego of Canadian artist Axel Enzar, captivates electronic music fans with its mesmerizing instrumentals. The imaginatively named Paris-based musician fuses both shadows and light into each song; he creates a depth of melancholic dark tones on the outside that upon further introspection reveals a luminous core.

Fizzmatik reflects on his fascination with electronic music: What appeals to me is the freedom and creativity of this type of music, the fact that it doesnt fit into a specific genre. Its an area where you have the most musical freedom because you have unusual new types of sounds and music structures. You can do tracks that are 10 minutes long, you can do tracks that are 2 minutes long.

This perspective is embedded in Fizzmatiks premiere album Chaos Is The New Order that launched in late 2010. He composed, performed, and mixed all ten tracks. While a few songs incorporate some vocals, the majority utilizes solely instrumentals. Each track takes the listener on a journey filled with rich harmonies and beautiful haunting melodies. The album has hints of Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, and Moby. Fizzmatik creates a sound of his own with its mysterious overtures that emit a quiet strength.

Fizzmatik has released videos for the tracks EDO and Brave New World which fans may view via his website and on YouTube. More videos are in the works. Listeners can follow the artist via Facebook and Twitter and purchase the albums songs through iTunes, AmazonMP3, eMusic, and Fizzmatiks website. The artist plans to schedule live performances later in 2011 and explore music festivals and venues in Europe.