Fierce Bad Rabbit

Artist bio

Fresh, energetic and intelligent, Fierce Bad Rabbit takes you on a journey so interesting that you dont want it to ever end. From the opening notes of "Everything Is Alright", the first track on their eponymous debut EP, you know youre in for something new and captivating. Tight melodies and well-crafted lyrics delivered with disciplined passion by front man Chris Anderson, who also plays guitar and keyboards, combined with the powerful yet perfectly nuanced viola and supporting vocals of Alana Rolfe and the rock-solid rhythmic backbone of Dayton Hicks on bass and Adam Pitner on drums to create a constantly changing but consistently fulfilling musical experience for the listener.

The vocals themselves may occasionally make you think that you could be listening to a new project from Brandon Flowers of The Killers or Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem. The band clearly shares the influences of such indie favorites as Arcade Fire and The Shins, and there is a certain kinship with other leading-edge artists like The National, Iron & Wine and Band of Horses. But the music this Ft. Collins, Colorado-based quartet makes is all their own, and the more you hear it the more it comes across as a brilliant amalgamation of many musical styles and structures. Alternately joyful and somber, forceful and laid back, playful and contemplative, their songs challenge you to decide whether you should stand and listen intently or grab the person next to you and dance the night away.

Formed in 2009, the band released two solid recordings in scarcely more than a year, the self-titled debut and a full-length, 15-song sophomore effort, "Spools of Thread". After making an immediate impact on the increasingly sophisticated and crowded Colorado music scene, playing to packed houses at local hot spots in Ft. Collins, Denver and elsewhere and drawing large crowds at busy festivals like the Westword Music Showcase, the band is now touring extensively, including appearances at Americas preeminent independent music gathering, South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, as well as at the storied Viper Room in Los Angeles, California.

Listen once and youll be impressed. Listen again and see them perform live and you will be a fan. From that point on youll want to see them again and again, and youll join the growing ranks of people eager to see what happens next for this talented group called Fierce Bad Rabbit.