Artist bio

FENSTER (BLN via NYC, FR and GR) // is Jonathan Jarzyna, JJ Weihl, Rmi Letournelle and Tadklimp. Formed in winter 2010.

FENSTER uses stuff like guitars, shovels, malfunctioning circuits , drums and humans to make pop songs.

FENSTER released their debut album "Bones" in march 2012 on Morr Music.

They recorded Bones with their friend and producer Tadklimp before ever having played live together. The recordings took exactly eight days and were a magical time, where they almost completely lived at their basement studio in Steglitz in the dead of winter. A window fell on JJ's head and shattered.

Since March 2012, Fenster has played numerous shows in the USA, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, and Denmark. They played at US festivals like SXSW in Austin and CMJ in New York and EUROSONIC, Fusion, Immergut and more in Europe.