Favourite Sons

Artist bio

Favourite Sons formed from the ashes of the Philly-based group Aspera, who moved to New York in 2004 after parting ways with their vocalist. That summer, bassist Matthew Werth and guitarist Justin Tripp came across another singer: Ken Griffin, formerly of Rollerskate Skinny. Griffin had spent years amassing a new arsenal of songs inspired by Lou Reed, David Bowie, and Nina Simone. Griffin soon joined forces with this singer-less group (which also included guitarist Carmine Degerraro and drummer AJ Edminston), and Favourite Sons was born.

The four-song Treason EP was released in the UK in 2005. After a successful European tour in support of that record, Favourite Sons returned home and signed a deal with Vice Recordings. Down Beside Your Beauty, the group's first full-length, was released in September 2006.