Artist bio

Like many indie bands Fauxbois began as a bedroom folk project. In 2000 chief songwriter Brian Mayer was living in Brooklyn, NY and writing songs in a shotgun apartment. He’d venture out occasionally to perform on a street corner or at a club under his moniker, Mayerforceone. When he returned to his native Boise, ID in 2001, Brian started playing Mayerforceone shows, both solo and with various line-ups. With the songs piling up he began recording in 2007 with Portland musicians Point Juncture WA. They helped engineer and back Brian on many tracks and as the recording progressed the need for locally-based live band became evident. He recruited Caleb and Tori McKim, Scott and Kate Seward, Shaun King and Trevor Kamplaign and the band morphed into Fauxbois in 2009 after appearing on the Boise’s Rotating Tongues 2 compilation alongside locals like veteran Doug Martsch (Built to Spill) and NW buzz band Finn Riggins.

With a solid line-up and some stage-tested tunes, Fauxbois put the finishing touches on the album that Brian had already begun. They completed “Carry On” with the help of Boise producer, Tristan Andreas of Fort Hazel production house, last fall and are ready to take it on the road this spring. This record also includes guest appearances from other Boise musicians and non-musicians, providing an array of background vocals and sounds. The 13 songs on Fauxbois’ debut range from intimate acoustic tracks that recall the bands’ bedroom beginnings to big, buoyant indie pop songs like the anthemic title track. The song, “Teleportation”, a duet with Brian and guest Lisa Simpson (Finn Riggins), is a high point on an album packed full of transcendent pop moments. If you need that sound, then turn me on.