Artist bio

Faulkner are the boys from nowhere who lost themselves only to discover how to Triumph as Underdogs.

On a ranch in Oklahoma alongside a dozen other kids an orphan grew up on a daily diet of church service and fresh food from the farm.

Here, a young, adventurous Lucas Asher would take off on his bicycle to bury himself in the bookstores and record stores of a nearby town, indulging the words and sounds that came from New York, London and the great cities of the world. At the age of 15, these works lured Asher from the farm, where he picked up his guitar, left a 'thanks for everything' note, climbed out the window at midnight and headed for New York City's fluorescent lights with nothing to lose.

As a young child in a big city he survived by selling items on the streets where the subways rushed through tunnels like angry silver rattlesnakes. After couch surfing and playing any open mic available, Asher landed a job in London working in the live music scene. After half-attending school for a couple of years he dropped out and traveled the world.

Looking for direction he went to Egypt where in Giza he met a shaman who told him to follow his passion to play music. The Shaman also told him to name his band Faulkner and they would do well. Asher moved to Los Angeles, abandoning any other ambitions but to form the band described by the Shaman.

The rest of the group also came to Los Angeles with the same dreams, nothing to lose and a 'no turning back' policy. Brennan McGuire moved from a middle class existence in upstate New York working as a restaurant dishwasher lugging sacks of potatoes. Dimitri Farougias came from the austerity-ridden streets of Greece and Christian Hogan escaped working eighteen hours a day at a cold fish factory in Canada.

Combined, they are like a polished diamond from the rough a dynamic cosmopolitan blend of souls with all original members and a sizable, solid catalog of songs.

Faulkner share everything equally, make all decisions democratically and live entirely consumed by a passion to hit it big which seems to be happening already.
Embracing emerging technology for all of its music distribution, Faulkner is rising fast with impressive social networking numbers, a smart mobile platform strategy and over 1.5M views of their first YouTube video "Triumph Of The Underdogs."

Like many bands, Faulkner are determined to take on the world, naming their first EP Global Ambition. Unlike many bands, however, they possess a rare combination of work ethic, know-how and most important the songs and infectious melodies that could actually put them there. Faulkner is self-styled as a cartel playing outlaw rock music that combines the driving ambition of bands like The Alarm and U2 with the melodic hooks of Brit Pop sensations Oasis and James.