Fate Under Fire

Artist bio

FUF is a Sacramento-based band headed by David James, and is launching its next single "Parachute". Their upcoming release is on the heels of the success of their last EP titled "What Dreams Are Made Of", whose songs landed multiple film and TV placements. The band won the MTVu Freshman Five competition, and the music video for nationally acclaimed single, "On The Water". On The Water is one song that has landed in countless commercials, cable and tv networks including AT&T's The Mobile Movement ad campaign and was the theme song for 'All In With Laila Ali, which aired nationally on CBS. Other songs placements have included Cougar Town, Billabong, Netflix, and Raw Travel.

The new single Parachute comes with a music video directed and shot by David James. The video touches on the unfortunate recent string of suicides made public from rockstars like Chester Bennington of Linkin Park and Chris Cornell. Growing up, David was raised by a manic depressive single mother where suicide was a recurring topic. He himself was diagnosed with depression and was on prozac in high school and still struggles occasionally with it. By a stroke of fate, when searching for actors, he found Mac Guerriero. Mac played a role in the recent Netflix original hit series 13 Reasons Why. FUF is teaming up with AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) and is putting on a benefit show September 1st. More recently, after hearing FUF's new unreleased material, NBC commisoned David to write a theme song for Sunday's "The Today Show currently in rotation. Summer 2017 : Fate Under Fire continues releasing new covers and music videos, live streaming ,touring the west coast and is currently signing a new publishing deal with Luna Music.