Artist bio

At just 25, Fallulah's potential seems almost limitless; already a star in her native Denmark, she confidently and effortlessly walks the line between indie credibility and grand scale mainstream pop potential, bringing to mind a young Kate Bush or Annie Lennox and recent artists like Bat For Lashes and Lykke Li.

Growing up in a town house on the Amager peninsula of Copenhagen the daughter of a Romanian dancer/choreographer Fallulah was introduced to the rhythms and fiery temper of Balkan music early on; music that would influence her signature sound.

"I feel my dad's spirit on the entire album. On the uptempotracks it's in the rhythm and in my cries. Because that is something I have from him", she states and elaborates: "In the slow songs you can feel him in the sadness and the melancholy. For instance, 'Give Us A Little Love' is seen through the eyes of a child. It is my brother's and my voice from a time, when we were left to care for ourselves without being prepared for it".

Sensitive and vunerable, yet strongwilled, proud and defiant the interplay between these two sides of Fallulah's personality is characteristic of her music as well as her progress through life.

Fallulah spent her teenage years being withdrawn and serious and was terrified at the very thought of singing in front of others. But an increasing restlessness drove her to New York where the creative bubble, which had been growing inside of her, finally burst.

Returning to Copenhagen, the stalwart, determined and driven side of Fallulah took over. She overcame her fears, began recording songs, assembled a band and almost immediately attracted the attention of audience and music industry alike.

Her first single 'I Lay My Head' instantly became 'Song of the week' on the highly in?uential Danish P3 Radio and was followed by her debut album 'The Black Cat Neighbourhood' which received rave reviews and sent enthusiastic shockwaves through an already thriving Danish music scene.

The Black Cat Neighbourhood is pop music with ?nesse and integrity. Extremely ambitious, confident and well produced easily rivalling the top acts of modern pop/r&b but at the same time organic, spirited and teeming with raw, creative energy and an indomitable passion for life. The physical effect of her music is immediate and infectious the cerebral effect is inspirational and longlived.

Since the release in Denmark, Fallulah's local stardom has deservedly been rising at incredible speed.

In 2010 she played a sold out tour of Denmark as well as the Roskilde Festival and Popkomm in Berlin. Her 2nd hit single 'Bridges' became the most frequently played track on the highly influential Danish National Radio in 2010 and she was nominated for both the Danish Grammies and the Critics Choice Awards.

Kicking off 2011 in the most impressive way possible, Fallulah performed at the National Radio Awards and took home the coveted 'main prize' probably the highest acclaim a Danish music artist can receive.

Her latest single 'Out Of It' became the theme song for a new Danish hit TV series, impressively placing her at the top of both the single and album chart, a whole year after the album was released.

She recently performed at By:larm, the influential industry festival in Oslo, Norway along with the Danish X Factor finals, in front of 40,000 people and 2.5 million TV viewers.

The Black Cat Neighbourhood will be released in the UK in early 2012, where audiences are about to realize that Fallulah is an artist that is hard to ignore.