Erin McCarley

Artist bio

Steeped in shadowy electronics and a seductive groove, Erin McCarley sets the tone with her upcoming third full-length album and first independent release. Embracing her freedom, the music became sharper and sexier, while maintaining the heartfelt honesty that spoke to listeners from day one.
?Her voice takes center stage, hypnotizing at every turn as she ponders anxiety, depression, love, relationships, and all of lifes twists and turns. The music sits somewhere between the confessional lyricism of Fiona Apple and Patty Griffin and the unpredictable soundscapes of Santigold and Beck, but remains wholly McCarley.??Leaving the major label system in 2012, she spent four years at home in Nashville collaborating with friends in home studios such as Kyle Ryan (Kacey Musgraves), Kenny Childers (Lily & Madeleine), Jeremy Lutito (Leagues), RUSLAN, Aaron Krause, Micah Tawlks (MYZICA), and Evan Hutchings.

Audiences got their first taste of the new music with I Can Be Somebody. With its soulful and shimmering refrain, the track vaulted to the Top 25 of Spotifys US Viral Chart, landed on Reese Witherspoons playlist as well as a Dancing with the Stars spot. Meanwhile, Deorros dance version amassed 27 million-plus plays and featured in We Are Your Friends starring Zac Efron.
?The follow-up G O O D showcases her evolution. Produced by RUSLAN and co-written with Childers, the track begins on a fingersnap-driven beat as McCarleys voice seduces, expanding from a raspy croon into an anthemic falsetto proclamation, Im definitely high. G O O D has that buzz of a new relationship and the thrill that comes from that kinetic connection, and whether or not to jump in.

Ive always been deeply involved in the direction of the intricacies of the production every step of the way. I think growing up dancing and my intense classical vocal training shaped me to be highly aware of the beats, the specific tones, etc. And the love for my contemporaries such as Childish Gambino, Flaming Lips, Beyonce, and Tame Impala really influenced the process of this record. Blending whatever style and vibe that felt the most inspiring in the moment, even if it didnt entirely make sense at the time of trying it out.

From the coy flirtiness and catchy urgency of Sexicon to the stark plea of Stand Up For Me, Lover, her dynamic personality takes the center stage, spanning a myriad of emotions. Co-produced by McCarley, Out of the Fog, a spiritual to 'Pitter Pat from Love, Save The Empty, confronts her anxieties over an R&B-inspired shuffle. Then, theres Send Me On My Way, which visually captures an image of McCarley traveling alone in London over immersive production.

Ultimately, its her most powerful, passionate, and poignant body of work yet.

I feel awake, she leaves off. Awareness is what Im finding to be the only way to survive and thrive and how to connect with the world. I want to inspire people to jump out of their comfortable skin and feel the desire and need to wake up. We need more joy, less fear. More unity, less isolation. I want to be a safe place people can connect to and feel supported.