Eric Dill

Artist bio

Eric Dill is a critically acclaimed singer, songwriter and musician from Indianapolis. Currently, Dill Lives in Los Angeles, California and spends his time focused on his music career from singing, songwriting and playing guitar - Dill is no stranger to the music industry.

Dill is best known for his work as the lead singer, guitar player and face of the pop-rock group THE CLICK FIVE. He was an influential part of The Click Five's debut album "Greetings from Imrie House," which hit #15 on the Billboards 200 and the lead single "Just the Girl," which hit #1 on Billboard's Hot Digital Songs and #8 the Pop 100 chart. Dill has sold out shows across the country and performed on variety of tours including the 2005 backstreet Boys Tour, Ashlee Simpson North America Tour, Z100's Jingle Ball in 2005 and many more. Dill starred 'Richie" the male lead in the hit movie taking 5 released worldwide in 2008.

Dill Left the Click Five in 2006 to focus on his solo career. Dill collaborated with Nickelback front man Chad Kroger and American Idol star Chris Daughtry to produce and write Daughtry's hit single "No Surprise." Dill received his 1st Platinum Album Award in 2009 for his work on "No Surprise" as well as to two BMI Pop Awards in 2010, for song writing and publishing.

After years of preparing his solo career Dill released his first highly anticipated EP, Wherever You Are, on January 10, 2012. "I'm very focused on my career right now because for the first time ever I've got something to show people and sell people and get people involved," Dill stated. Wherever You Are incorporated Dill's unique style, experiences and personal views on the world. Dill stated, " It was a priority to me to get this record done right...If I die tomorrow, I've got to have something that speaks to what I love about music."

the title track illustrates the beauty of romance and always wanting to be with that special someone. When speaking about the single Dill stated, "It is based off the idea that we are both together and then apart, but wherever you are in the world is where I want to be. It's just a really intense feeling and great lead song."

"I WIll Come Back For You" was inspired by a battlefield scene fallen camrade. Dill said the theme of the song takes a different route and has a heavier tone with an overlying message of compassion and honor for a fallen soldier expressed through the anguish of a comrade at his side. Dill stated, "We at home can't understand the raw human courage, emotion and sacrifice of our soldiers on the battlefields around the world while they protect our safety and freedom."

Dill plans on releasing one more EP, War With The Wolves, in late July 2012 in anticipation of releasing his debut full-length album later this year. War With The Wolves will feature four songs and the tittle track, which evolves Michael Jackson's thriller video in the back of his mind. "It's a message of hope with a strict disclaimer that reads: you are gonna have to fight for yourself against the monsters of the world."

"Shadows In The Dark" the second single off of War With The Wolves is a deep song for Dill. " I allowed myself to dig into that darker place and I definitely wrote about what I believe is destroying people the world over. greed is killing everyone right now, now more than ever-- with the economic problems plaguing our country by governments and Wall Street's overreaching investments losing billions of dollars in tax payers' and investor's money. Many people have been hurt by the greed of politicians and their cronies and this is reflected in the song."

Dill will release his highly anticipated debut full-length album, Forever is Not Enough in September 18, 2012. In his free time, Dill enjoys working out, playing video games, caring for his dogs and cats, watching anime and spending time with friends and family. Dill is a huge fan of the video game industry and intends to integrate his love for video games into his musical career.