Empress Hotel

Artist bio

Empress Hotel at it's core is an assembly of musicians from both New Orleans and afar. Spearheading this New Orleans pop ensemble are brothers Ryan and Eric Rogers on guitar and drums, backed by Hach Horchatta from Portland, Maine on bass, and fronted by the ever so amorous Micah McKee on lead vocals and guitar. The music is inspired by 70s one hit wonders such as Ace and The Dwight Twilley Band and drawing influence from legends like Prince, Sparks, and Roxy Music.

Empress Hotel brings a personal, human story to their interpretation of pop songs. It's implemented through stream of consciousness lyrics, dynamic vocal melodies and rhythmic harmonies from individuals who love the glory days and still go see new bands play live more than most. They lust for a music that is inclusive, crowd pleasing and honest. Empress Hotel asks for you to sing along, and dance within it. It wants your company.

Source: Artist Facebook Page