Emme Costa

Artist bio

Emmecosta is an alternative/pop/rock band formed in 2000 in Positano (Italy), and is currently residing in Gothenburg (Sweden). The band is composed of Claudio Pallone (vocals, guitar), Carlo Prisco (drums), Alfonso Fusco (lead guitar) and Stefan Olsson (bass guitar). The latter joined the group in 2008. After years in the rehearsal room and a few public performances, the band released its first demo in 2006. This demo brought the band to a summer tour between Amalfi Coast and Sicily.It didnt take long before emmecosta, thanks to its intense live activity, was approached by an independent label that distributed the band's two singles on many italian radio stations and world-wide digital stores. The same label also took the band on a summer tour in southern Italy promoting them as an artist opening for big names in Italian music. In 2007 emmecosta presented its single "Atmosfera" on the late evening TV show "Max Stile Libero" on national Italian channel. Afterwards, emmecosta decided to self-produce two video clips, which in a short time earned the 1st and the 2nd place of the "music category" in an Italian TV show called "Talent Uno". As time passed, emmecosta, despite the restrictions imposed by their music label (their producer brought them to have shows in only playback), were gradually able to share their music and release interviews on national radios. At this time the need to work for survival forced the band to take a long summer pause.

During this break the band began to feel the need for something else, something truly different, and especially because of the impossibility to have good live performances the band felt the need to leave Italy. After a lot of research and inspection of numerous European cities, emmecosta decided to start from the scratch in another country in front of a new audience... Gothenburg, Sweden, a city renowned for its music scene, seemed to be a good choice for the band.After finding an apartment and shipping all the equipment, with a little cash left, emmecosta arrived in Gothenburg in November 2008. A few days after their arrival in Sweden, on November 25th, to be exact, they had their first gig in Stockholm, introducing new songs and a completely new sound. Although, time seemed to pass slowly, and despite many economic difficulties, the boys began to get gigs around the Swedish west coast and they started to become known for the "magic" that evolves during their live shows. Their lyrics and their sounds were primarily inspired by the emotions felt during their adventures and the journey as a band. This new sound was developed through a lot of research and long sessions in the rehearsal room. During the spring/summer of 2010, emmecosta participated at "Emergenza Festival", (world-wide contest for unsigned bands) and after passing the early stages the band is rewarded by audience, competing artists and jury, as the "best" unsigned band in the city of Gothenburg, the second best unsigned band in Sweden and fourth in Scandinavia. emmecostaThis first important success motivated and inspired the guys even more, leading them to concentrate more energy on their research. In September 2010 emmecosta self-recorded a cover of Erik Hassle's song "Taken (Still In My Blood)". Through a votation on Youtube and a live show at Pustervik (Gothenburg), they were given the opportunity to open two shows for Hassle himself, both, in Gothenburg and Gislaved.In autumn 2010 the band participated in "Tour Music Fest" (Italian competition for unsigned bands) and won the award of "the Band of the Year" 2010, established by a jury of artists and producers, led by Mogol (one of the most important songwriters in the last 30 years in Italian music scene history). At the beginning of 2011 emmecosta recorded, what they consider, their "very first album" at Nacksving Studios in Gothenburg with the help of the sound engineer Anders Lagerfors. In the following May, the band had a turn in Germany and this was a motivating boost for the guys to keep on looking for more gigs and expand their borders. Later on emmecosta partecipated once again in Emergenza and this time won the Swedish as well as Scandinavian final. In july 2011 the band landed on British territory, performing at Proud2, a venue inside the O2 Arena of London, as guest artist at the finals of Live and Unsigned.During the second week of august 2011, emmecosta tours through Hungary and Germany. The first show, at Sziget Festival of Budapest, saw the band performing in one of the biggest european festival, getting a big acclamation from a totally new audience. The next gig, at Taubertal Festival (Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany) marked another big success for the band. They have been infact competing at the International Finals of Emergenza Festival with other bands from all over the world, getting the 6th place as best band, and 2nd place for the best drummer in the global ranking of the 2011 edition.

Source: Artist Site