Emily Estefan

Artist bio

Growing up surrounded by world rhythms and culture, it was only natural for Emily
Estefan to develop a strong passion for music at a very young age. That passion grew as
she did, and with hard work and dedication to her craft, she graduated from the
prestigious Berklee College of Music in May 2016 earning a Contemporary Writing &
Production degree with a minor in Philosophy. She hopes to continue her education at
the distinguished Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. Her journey in music
to date is one paved with much respect and love. She first began performing on stage
at the young age of 8 on Gloria Estefans (her mothers) world tour, wowing the
audiences with her drum and guitar solos. She also performed with Miami Sound
Machine in 2008, at the Bette Midler Happy Hulaween event and in 2009 with Carole
King & her mother at Foxwoods.
Emily has always believed that music can help change and shape the world to be a
better a place and in 2010, she recorded a guitar solo and joined a list of respected
artists on the track Somos El Mundo (We Are The World) to help raise money for the
earthquake victims in Haiti. In 2011 she recorded a guitar solo for Gloria Estefans album
Miss Little Havana and in 2013, guitars on the song Besos de Lejos for Carlos
She put on her producer hat in 2012, creating a dance mix for Kathy Griffins theme
song Ill Say It and again in 2013 when she wrote and produced two tracks for the
artist Fantine. Emilys singing debut took place at the historic Hollywood Bowl in 2014
singing the classic Where The Boys Are with the LA Youth Orchestra. About that
experience she states, Singing at the Hollywood Bowl was one of those moments that I
felt I hadnt yet earned but because of its history and the incredible music that had been
played on the stage before me, I didnt want to pass up that opportunity and honor.
In 2014 she co-wrote If I Never Got To Tell You, the only original song written for the
hit Broadway show On Your Feet!. Following her singing debut she developed her
very own Emily Estefan YouTube channel and created Fairy Light Fridays where she
covered songs and created videos, releasing them on Fridays for her followers.