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Thanks to modern technology and an ever-dedicated fan base, plenty of fan footage from Eels 2014 tour to support The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett made its way around the internet. This buzz was helped in no small part by the regular guest spots by Journey singer Steve Perry. What might seem at first glance seem like a strange pairing is actually not, as Perry and Mark Oliver Everett in fact have a friendship that goes back many years.

It was also noted many times that this tour was different than others as the band dressed to the nines every night and painstakingly recreated the orchestrated sound of the album with just the five musicians in the band. The effort paid off in droves, with the highlight of the tour easily being their show at Londons legendary Royal Albert Hall. In fact, the performance was such an instant classic that Eels have opted to release the full length concert as part of special edition CD/DVD release. Today we are pleased to bring you four videos that represent a cross section of the majesty, beauty and diversity of that fascinating night in London.

The four songs excerpted here not only showcase the present but highlights of the past. "Lockdown Hurricane" and "Mistakes Of My Youth" are the selections from The Cautionary Tales and fan favorites from 2000's Daisies Of The Galaxy ("I Like Birds") and the title track to 2013's Wonderful, Glorious are included. Were also sharing with you a gorgeous cover of the Elvis Presley classic "Cant Help Falling In Love With You," which was released on Valentines Day to a warm and loving reception by critics and fans alike.

Perhaps more than the music itself, the star of these videos is the sweeping grandeur and history of Royal Albert Hall. With its legendary pipe organ (yes, Everett does get a chance to FINALLY play it!) to the Italianate architecture made famous since its opening in 1871. Knowing the history and potential, Eels pulled out all of the stops to create a live video that marries the ambition and satisfaction of their music with the unparalleled greatness of the venue.