Dylan Jenet

Artist bio

Her name is Dylan Jent and her success should come as no surprise. Shes worked at this. Though she describes her music as, crazy, young and fun, her resume paints the picture of a passionate artist; someone who is deeply focused and insanely driven.

Dylans love for the performing arts began at age six. Having just relocated, her parents enrolled her in New Yorks Bay Street Theater in hopes that she would socializemaking the move a bit easier. Little did they know, their daughters exceptional talent would soon carry her to Broadway; thrusting her into the spotlight. Dylan eventually landed the role of Young Nala in the Lion King. Hooked on the thrill of performing live, she decided she never wanted to stop.

And she hasnt. By age 11, Dylan had already performed for Barack Obama during his Democratic National Convention and Inaugural Ball. She has been mentored by some of musics most impressive names, including musician, Ray Chew and singer, Betty Wright. Influenced by pop, urban, R&B and rock, Dylans sound is a fusion of all that she has absorbed over the years. Even her idols are an eclectic mix of innovatorsfrom P!nk and Rihanna to Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Priding herself on her ability to sing live, she has committed to her personal health and fitness. To maintain her stamina, she began holding vocal lessons during some of her most intense workouts: aerial silk and kickboxing. Even with all of her achievements and amid all her hard work, she continues to set the bar higher. Her current goals? Winning a Grammy and headlining the Super Bowl.

Aside from singing, she is actively involved in a number of charities; with one cause hitting particularly close to home. After noticing the escalating suicide rates amongst Native American teens, she was moved to create a community which serves as not only a safe haven, but a place to celebrate native pride. She started her own organization, Rez 2 Rez Foundation, with the hopes of gathering Native American youth nationwide.

Attacking each opportunity with rigor and excitement, Dylan Jent isnt planning for her moment, shes setting the stage for her stay. So you couldnt miss her. Not even if you tried.