Dylan Connor

Artist bio

Dylan Connors new album Primitive Times invites us into a spacious sonic world, guided by a compassion-filled voice and songwriting, and the occasional interlude a psychedelic mash-up of academic lectures and his daughters baby toys.

Dylan Connor is a singer, songwriter, Latin teacher, devoted husband and father. In writing and recording Primitive Times he has more strongly defined his artistic voice - one which is extremely direct and open, often simultaneously soaring to surreal heights.

From the unabashedly romantic Lynchburg Lemonade (with its nod to Elvis and Springsteen) to his unfaltering support for revolutionaries in his wifes homeland of Syria (bonus track Feza Feza) to High Anymore (an open and empathetic song about addiction) - each song on Primitive Times reflects a maturing in Connors life an attuned sensitivity and empathy towards others, partially gained through his own recent personal struggles and breakthroughs.

Primitive Times is grounded by a warm, homespun recording aesthetic, nurtured by co-producer and guitarist in Connors steady band, The Epic Poets, Merritt Jacob (Trout Recording). For this album, Connor chose to simplify his process, recording almost all of the instruments himself entirely on Apples audio software, Garageband. The album has an immediacy and freshness, staying close to Connors live vocal sound and the spirit of the songs as they were first created.

Dylan is the first and only American artist to be singing in protest of the current humanitarian crisis in Syria. In Dec 2011, he released a fundraising single for Syria entitled 'Feza Feza (which means 'help help). This song will also be included as a bonus track on Primitive Times. His video for 'Feza Feza quickly garnered over 7,000 hits on Youtube and was featured on Al Arabiya TV.

Dylan raised over $15,000 from fans via Kickstarter, in support of the release of Primitive Times. Goldfish Prize (music publicity and promotion) will service the album to over 6,000 online media outlets, tastemaker blogs and podcasts, NPR, select print media, key TV/film music supervisors, public and commercial radio specialty shows and more.

Dylan has recently performed live on television station WTNH, WPKN, WEHM and on radio stations WPKN and WEHM. His his previous releases have been featured on AOL Music FAZER Online Magazine Largehearted Boy Baebel Music Boston.com Altsounds Absolute Powerpop Consequence of Sound Fairfiled Weekly and many other media outlets.

Source: Artist Facebook Page