Artist bio

Founded in 2002, DRUNKSOULS is a totally independent French band composed by members from different origins and cultures. Their music is a patchwork of various influences which aims to make you dance as well as to make you think. Their songs, sometimes playful, sometimes dark, sometimes lively dark at the same time, carry a message of conciliation and tolerance, in which humour and gravity are intelligently cohabiting.
ROCK and REGGAE are the foundations of their sound universe. But with the DRUNKSOULS , no guarantee about the musical world they decided to make you visit. Any groove instinct can be satisfied by DRUNK music.

Very popular on the internet ( half a million visitors on myspace, first LP downloaded more than 100 000 times,..),just thanks to the world of mouth, DRUNKSOULS will get a larger media exposure on the year 2010 by being granted to perform on the mythical stage of OLYMPIA-Bruno Coquatrix, with some big name artists.

The year 2011 confirms the tendancy: Drunksouls is given the chance to play twice in another legendary venue, the Grand Auditorium du Palais des Festivals de Cannes, once in a big fashion show around DRUNKSOULS music with models and dancers , the second time supporting the African Reggae Star TIKEN JAH FAKOLI.

Now,DRUNKSOULS are back with a REVOLUTION, a 16 titles album offering a new trip through the original musical world of the band always littered with multiple influences( Rock, Reggae, Funk, Pop, Electro...)

Source: Artist Facebook Page