Drug Rug

Artist bio

Taking their name from a popular slang expression for the sort of cheap, colorful poncho or wall hanging one might pick up as a souvenir in a Mexican border town, Drug Rug are far from the sort of electric kool-aid refreshed, stoner-rocking hippie wannabes one might expect from the band name. Instead, the duo of singing guitarists Sarah Cronin and Thomas Allen fall more into the self-consciously adorable subcategory of indie pop that tends to garner words like "shambling," "twee," and "lo-fi" in its reviews. Drug Rug formed in 2006 in Cambridge, MA, when Cronin and Allen met while working behind the bar at the legendary Central Square indie rock mecca The Middle East. Striking up a personal and creative partnership, the duo began writing and performing together as a folk-influenced acoustic duo, soon drafting various friends from the local pop scene (including members of Tulsa, Apollo Sunshine, and the Dead Trees) to fill out their sound both live and on tape. After signing to the indie label Black and Greene Records, Drug Rug released their self-titled debut in the fall of 2007. - All Music