Drew Worthley

Artist bio

I like music. A lot. I love it that so many beautiful songs have been sculpted by variously awkward and magnificent human beans. Songs brimming with soaring melodies, tumbling chains of magical notes and luscious lyricism. I also find it really quite wondrous to think that there are yet still new and undiscovered songs floating out there in the ether. Lovely drifting bundles of shimmering turquoise and hazy azure blue. Whispering to us in the night whilst we sleep.

Sometimes I stumble upon one of these vagabond songs and that is a splendid privilege indeed. I wrote and recorded an album full of them in 2011. That record is called The Ember and it is sad because it is about losing love and that is like a window in your heart. Now I am not so blown apart and have recorded some more songs. They are a bit happy and a bit sad and a bit hopeful. Some of them are about love and some of them are about economics and some of them are about doubt. Some of them are about whisky. They make up my second album CRUCIBLE which is coming out in Autumn 2015.

This is the motley bag of songs that I cart about with me, singing to people who are willing to chance a listen. Mostly I perform here and there in Londontown with just my guitar and battered green loop box for company. Sometimes I sing at festivals or in other countries. On occasion I am fortunate enough to do that with other wonderful music people. People like Foreign Slippers and Officer and The Geese and Iko and The Sea and I. And that is the most glorious thing of all about music. Sharing its luminous loveliness with other good peeps amidst the kaleidoscopic mysteries of life. I hope you agree.

Thanks for listening.