Artist bio

"Using influences from early teenage years as a hardcore rave dj and later his
scientific research of the auditory phenomenon known as 'synesthesia'
Distal matured into one of the nations finest composers.

In the summer of 2010 he would receive his inaugural physical vinyl release
with the legendary label Soul Jazz Records. This would be the launch pad for
his career landing him releases on stalwart labels such as Tectonic, Om,
Fabric, Tube10 and his own freshman label 'Embassy Recordings'.

Distal has been in demand internationally for years now, including
performances at places such as the world renowned Fabric in London, Bully
Bass in Argentina, Soundgram in Tokyo and Underground clubs like Golden
Pudel in Hamburg; often touring extensively alongside artists like Pearson
Sound and Africa Hi Tech as well.

From his initial release in 2010 until now in 2014 Distal has put out a
prolific number of nearly 20 physical releases and that many more digital
releases, collaborations, eps, singles and remixes. But Distal's most
grandiose accomplishment came with his albums; First in the form of a 14
track Album with Tectonic in the spring of 2012 appropriately named
"Civilization", and second the sophomore album "Retrograde Space Opera"
on Distal's newly minted label "Anarchostar". The album will set in motion
an extensive label-long Space Opera that takes place 3000 years into the

Looking ahead Distal is already working on transforming the Anarchostar
into a live experience for 2015 as well as creating a comic companion for
releases. And one day there are hopes of leaving a legacy on the world as
one of the most in demand artists North America has ever seen."
via residentadvisor.net