Dinosaur Feathers

Artist bio

Dinosaur Feathers has metamorphosed through various incarnations: Solo bedroom pop project, dance party karaoke machine, and - most recently -rock band. With Whistle Tips, the Brooklyn-based quartet flee from the tropics of their debut, 2010's Fantasy Memorial, and push themselves into hitherto unexplored/ultimately rewarding new territories. Once tethered to a drum machine, the addition of live drums provides newfound forcefulness and flexibility; where acoustic guitars once engendered laid-back vibes and folky misnomers, electric tones crunch with occasionally noisy outbursts.

Evolution is, however, only a theory -- for all you indie creationists out there, the Dinosaur Feathers you may have known and/or loved lives on through persistently sunny melodies, still-infectious grooves, and ever-boisterous harmonies. These elements, plus such seemingly disparate influences as The Soft Boys, The Olivia Tremor Control, XTC and of course Paul McCartney's Wings, now inform a jazzier/punkier/maybe even poppier melange. Catch the fever!