Deep Sea Diver

Artist bio

Deep Sea Diver originated in 2007 as the the solo project of Jessica Dobson. (The Shins, Beck) The 2009 self released "New Caves" EP showcased a small batch of carefully crafted pop songs that resulted in a number of comparisons to early Cat Power and PJ Harvey. During this time, Dobson set her sights on assembling a band to hit the road, and soon thereafter Deep Sea Diver was opening up for Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band on their summer tour. 2010 saw Deep Sea Diver grow into a true and collaborative band with the addition of Peter Mansen on drums and John Raines on bass. The band spent most of 2011 in the studio with Matt Wignall recording their debut full-length "History Speaks", which was released on February 24th, 2012.